How do I apply?
Applicants must submit the complete application form through their TECO office or directly to the project assistant :fotmoe@gmail.com

The application form can be found at Downloads

When will be the teaching position approved?

Ministry of Education will send the notice of acceptance to each TECO office or will be sent via e-mail to each candidate at the end of June. After receiving the notice of acceptance, candidates will have to submit school placement preference forms, which will be attached to the notice of acceptance.

What kind of certificates or procedures should be carried out and provided before foreign teachers come to Taiwan?
  • Working Permit

Within 1.5 months of the Ministry of Education receiving foreign teachers’ photocopies of passports, diplomas, teacher certificates or teacher qualifications and relevant documents, the ministry should help the county/city governments and schools to apply to the Ministry of Education, Executive Yuan for employment permits (work permits) for foreign teachers, in order for teachers to work legally in the country. The application fees of permits shall be borne by the schools in which the teachers are employed.

  • Resident Visa

After the permits are received, candidates may visit website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Resident Visa application. Dependents coming along with foreign teachers should also apply for their Resident Visas. Any required marriage certificates, relationship certificates and fees should be provided by teachers and their dependents.

  • Health Check and Non criminal records checks

In accordance with the employment contracts, foreign teachers should take physical examinations and get valid police/criminal record checks. These fees should be borne by the teachers.

What should I apply when I arrive in Taiwan?

As soon as foreign teachers arrive in Taiwan, the schools should help them to apply for

Alien Resident Certificates (ARC, like our Identification Card. Please note, it is usual to apply for the Reentry option at the same time, as it is also on the same application form) from the Foreign Affairs Divisions (Sections) of the main police station of the county/city in which the school is located, in order for foreign teachers to apply for Labor Insurance, open an account at a bank or post office and related affairs.

Will I have to buy a plane ticket?
  1. Teachers must make arrangement of their flight itinerary and pay the tickets first. Teachers should arrive in Taiwan on the designated date to participate in the orientation in Taiwan. Ministry of Education will provide the pick-up service at certain day for teachers to orientation.
  2. Taiwanese government will provide teachers with round-trip air tickets and the airfare shall be reimbursed. Please note that the airfare reimbursement detail is subject to the Employment Contract.
How much should I bring to Taiwan?

Foreign teachers should bring a deposit or check which value is equal to NT20,000 ~ 30,000 for teachers’ personnel expenses to settle down and in the first month after arriving in.

Are foreign teachers required to pay a Taiwan income tax?

Yes. Starting from 2012, all K-9 teachers in Taiwan have to pay income tax, including foreign teachers.

By reference to the Income Tax Act of the ROC, the only criteria for deciding the tax character of a foreign taxpayer is the 183-day rule (from January to December of each year), which means a person who physically presented 183 days and more in this country in a taxable year will be classified as a character of a tax resident and shall be withhold as such (5%) from the day of acquisition. On the other hand, a person who hasn’t spent more than 183 days in a year is considered a non-resident and his withholding rate will be fixed at 18%. The host school in Taiwan will deduct from the salary every month. Any over withheld can be claimed back by filing Individual income tax return with the national tax administration through a refund procedure.

However, the actual rates/amount will be calculated by and depended on the guidelines of Taiwan’s IRS.

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